Why Hire Me

I wish I could say, “Hire me. I’m the best person for your team”.

I can’t. That statement is naive if not just stupid. I don’t know anything about the other candidates. At this point I know very little about what you need to accomplish. I’m on the outside looking in.

I do know that I’m a passionate, accomplished financial leader who excels at helping companies track, measure and analyze their financial and operational functions to drive performance and improve profitability. You can get more specifics on the About Me or Resume pages of this site.

There are several compelling reasons that I should be on your short list.


You can’t buy it. You can’t teach it. It’s in my DNA. While I want to be well paid, it’s not the sum of why I do what I do. I’m motivated by learning new things and internal pride. I want to serve and contribute. Legacy is important to me – I want to leave my signature, transform, create something new to improve a business. Passion is rare. I have it.


I perform. I get it done. I make things happen. Performance is more than just desire, knowledge, skill set, experience and willingness to do the job. It also encompasses endurance and tenacity. I don’t give up. I can work without a map.

Plays Well with Others

Passion and performance don’t matter if you’re difficult to work with or you’re a disruption to the team. I am serious about my work. I also have an easy-going, flexible nature. Everyone on team has a role to plan in cultivating a collaborative, harmonious and productive environment.

Let’s start the conversation!